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Trac with Bootstrap

Introduction of Github project for merging Trac and bootstrap.

1 minute read

As I recently updated the layout and design of my site using Bootstrap, I decided that I should update my Trac project pages to match the rest of my site.

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New Site

Description of my new site

3 minute read

It has been awhile since I have updated the site with a post for my blog, but you may have noticed that a lot has changed. I have put a lot of effort into a complete site redesign and I have also moved my site away from dynamic pieces (I was using b2evo for my blog and gallery3 for my photo gallery), to a static site. For anyone interested, I will outline how I replaced those tools.

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2 minute read

This is part 2 of setting up a Linux Development Server like I have done. Recently I wrote a post on setting up a Linux Server to use in development environments which you can read here. This time I would like to highlight a few of the changes that I have made to Trac to add additional functionality to it. Most of these settings can be changed through the Trac Admin page, especially the Plugin part, which is accessed from being logged in, and then Admin->Plugins. Mine looks like the following.

You can install plugins from the right-hand form on this page, and manage installed plugins from the center section.

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