Trac with Bootstrap

Introduction of Github project for merging Trac and bootstrap.

1 minute read

As I recently updated the layout and design of my site using Bootstrap, I decided that I should update my Trac project pages to match the rest of my site.

I really wanted to integrate Bootstrap into my Trac design to get a more consistent feel across my site. and I was able to find two projects with this intent. This first project just replaces the overall Trac theme(really just the layout), while this second project began customizing many of the individual components used within Trac. The second project gave me a good foundation and direction to get the rest of the Trac components updated to use Bootstrap. I believe that I got all of the default components, as well as a few components for some of the plugins that I am using with my Trac instances. You can check out my work on this github page. Feel free to fork it and add any components that I may have missed.