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So I have been working on an Instant Messaging App for Android called Dodo with my friend Spencer Griffin for the past while. We are pleased to announce that it is now available on the Android Market.

Dodo QR Code

It currently supports XMPP and works with Google Talk and Facebook Chat, as well as custom XMPP/Jabber servers. We have plans to include support in the future for AIM, MSN Messenger as well as Yahoo Messenger. If you have an Android device, please check out Dodo. We appreciate feedback, feature requests and notification of any errors or problems, which you can post on our project page or email us.

Check out Screenshots of Dodo in action below.

Also, stay tuned for updates and new projects here, as well as on the site for our new venture, BrushFire Apps.

Dodo Screenshot - Contacts List

Dodo Screenshot - Add Account

Dodo Screenshot - Accounts

Dodo Screenshot - Chat