I just wanted to do a quick write-up on this awesome Media Streaming Program that I have been using for the last year or so called Subsonic. About 5 years ago I was using Orb, which is a pretty awesome streaming program, but at the time the server end only worked on Windows(Now it works on MacOS as well). When I switched to Linux I looked at a lot of different media servers, but didn’t really find any that I liked until last year when I found Subsonic.

Subsonic Web Interface

Subsonic is a wonderful open source multi-platform streaming server application written in Java. It can run on pretty much any desktop/server OS. It has a wonderful customizable web front-end to access your media, but there are also native apps available for most platforms, with the Android app also being open source. The API is also well defined, so if you have a device with a different platform, you could look into creating your own native client.

Besides just the ways of accessing the server, Subsonic has a lot of great features. It can handle tons of different media formats, including movies, and it will transcode them on the server end as necessary. It handles users, so you can have accounts for each individual to customize their use of Subsonic, but that as an admin you can control the access and permissions of each user. In the latest version, they have added a guest account and with it, the ability to share media to others(One of the features I really liked about Spotify).

Being able to watch my movies from anywhere with my Android Phone and Tablets is pretty awesome, and I also use Subsonic a lot to listen to music through my phone while driving. It is a really awesome program, and I highly recommend it.